The main asset of the city of Saint-Nazaire is its seaside location. Its port and its beaches are a real attraction for both established businesses and tourism. However, the city does not offer a view of the sea and one could almost forget its presence even though it is close by.

Our project aims to highlight this natural resource in the heart of the downtown area and, more precisely, the specificity of the Atlantic coast: the tides.

The coastal inhabitants live with the ebb and flow of the ocean. This urban tide indicator project aims to support the daily life of city residents by showing what time of day they can either go fishing when the tide is low or go to the beach when the tide is high thanks to the coming and going of water in the object. Many shop owners of the city centre can see many customers coming during low tide.

As a landmark in the city, the project also helps to bring the element of water into the urban concrete landscape and thus connect the city centre to its port and beaches in real time.

Tideograph, Tide indicator

Ideal Lab’ / Replanted Identity

Material: plexiglas, wood, resin and electronic components
Size: 60x60x140 cm

Project realised in partnership with Polyecim & Le FAB 44

Photo Credits  : Andreas Eikeseth Nygjerd

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