Can you remember the last time you took the time to rest in the grass? Lie down and let yourself be guided through your cognitive world by the surrounding scents.

In order to showcase the signature fragrance “La Roche Jagu”, designed by Jean-Charles Sommerand, Les M Studio has recreated an imaginary garden in the castle attics.The exhibition offers a sensory trip with a visual and olfactory experience.

Curled up in a cushion in a verdant atmosphere evoking nature, you will recognise the smells, light and feelings you encounter when lying down in the grass. The elements of the installation – cushions and panels perforated with floral patterns – sweep you away and reveal forgotten memories and sensations. Like Proust’s madeleine, the design by Les M Studio offers a relaxing space in which you can have a true sensory experience.

It is scientifically proven that smell evokes more memories than other sensory systems such as sight or touch; and the colour green symbolises nature, where it is predominant, while also having calming and refreshing properties. Les M Studio thus invites you to explore your olfactory senses during a catnap in their green-themed installation to take a moment to relax and rediscover the smells you encountered during your strolls through the castle grounds.

Particular attention has been given to materials and original patterns created especially for the installation.

A Fragrant Nap, 

Sensorial Installation


Commission: Domaine Départemental de la Roche Jagu

Photos credits: Julien Mota