An art museum is generally seen, above all, as a place where things are on view. Artworks are contemplated, linked to the visitors through the gaze only. In a museum, you have to be calm and silent, not touching anything. Food consumption is forbidden, noises and smells remain outside. However, this summer all the five senses are welcome at the Domaine de la Roche Jagu. SENSORIUM puts our sensations to the test. For this sensorial environment, Les M Studio have carefully chosen materials with surfaces and textures asking to be touched. SENSORIUM is a space dedicated to both to perception and touch. You are invited to a game of contradictions between what your eye sees and your body feels.
Take your shoes off and relax, SENSORIUM will do the rest.

Hearing : 01/08/2012 – 04/08/2012
Touch : 08/08/2012 – 11/08/2012
Smell : 18/08/2012
Crunch Design : 26/07/2012


Exhibition and Workshops

Mudam Luxembourg

Curators: Nadine Erpelding & Valérie Tholl
Photos credits: Andrés Lejona

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