Les M Studio designed the furniture of the upcoming exhibition at The Villa Vauban – Luxembourg City Art Museum.
The exhibition showcases around 80 paintings, drawings and sculptures from different art periods. Specially designed communication aids allow visitors of all ages to discover and appreciate the works of art in an unusual and often playful way. Particular emphasis is placed on people with disabilities, with all the stations designed so that everyone can use them. A diverse supporting programme adapted to special requirements further enhances the exhibition.

To discover: a table, chairs, coat hangers and benches, all of which being suitable for all visitors.

« The course of life – A museum for all »
Villa Vauban – Luxembourg City Art Museum
18 Avenue Emile Reuter, 2420 Luxembourg
08.07.2017 > 28.01.2018


A museum for all

Exhibition furniture

Villa Vauban – Luxembourg City Art Museum

Curator : Gabriele Grawe
Photos credits : Les M Studio & Andres Lejona

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