In collaboration with Janet Cintas, lithographer 

During their meeting with Janet Cintas, Céline Merhand Anaïs Morel were wowed by the technique of lithography, its material effect and transparency. The designers asked Janet to reproduce patterns from dried leaves gathered in the forest during one of their visits. The studio reworked them numerically in order to create a repetitive and reproducible pattern on a textile support which is impossible to do with lithography (which allows only paper prints in limited number).

Botanica , household textiles


Materials : printed linen & cotton fabric
Size : cushions 50×50 cm and 40×60 cm

Résidences de l’Art en Dordogne – Pôle Expérimental des Métiers d’Art de Nontron et du Périgord Limousin

Photo credits : Michel Dartenset

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