Les M Studio was created in 2008. Born in 1984 in France, Céline Merhand & Anaïs Morel studied together Design at the Fine Art School of Rennes and graduated in 2007.
Poetic without compromising their functionality, the objects created by Les M Studio are inspired by and provide a new take on the rituals of everyday life. By carefully selecting materials which appeal to the sense of touch and which are combined with well thought-out shapes, Céline and Anaïs give life to balanced creations, easy to integrate into our daily lives due to their modularity. Both high-tech and comfortable, Les M Studio’s designs, often surprising, invite us to interact with the object and give free rein to our imagination.
The studio works with international manufacturers across Europe such as Casamania, Super-ette, Eno Studio as well as with prestigious cultural establishments such as the Centre Pompidou-Metz and the Mudam in Luxembourg.

Photo credit: Valérie Tholl