In a location steeped in history, one element particularly concerns us: a forgotten passageway… The 15th-century castle on the banks of the Trieux estuary is listed as a historic monument, with seventy-four hectares of gardens specified as ‘‘remarkable’’, and is open to all cultural and walking activities. You feel at one with your surroundings as soon as you enter.
This project is imbued with the history of the castle and its roots in nature.
SEASONS is a metaphor for the passage of time which imposes its inescapable power on our lives. Its aim is to make us travel and open up to the outside world. SEASONS is like a booster shot: it evokes the climate change caused by our impact on the environment.
Les M Studio has made a virtual recreation of the forgotten passageway in the upper room on the second floor. It lends itself to a more contemporary reading, as a scroll bar, an excursion through the seasons.
The exhibition is an experience that is both visual and sensory. The visitor is led through the seasons in order to discover the installation that is made up of coloured panels. Changing vegetation develops the route through the months, via carefully arranged spaces with shapes borrowed from outdoor furniture. These spaces offer the public the opportunity to really perceive the changing seasons thanks to collaboration with the estate gardeners. Japanese maples, scented carnations, dahlias, and lemon trees vibrate their diaphanous shadows and find their places in this pure, mineral universe.
Particular attention is paid to materials and textures through an original selection of fabrics. From isle to isle, SEASONS plunges us into a mixed route, a new way of exploring our relationship with space, matter and the outer environment.




Domaine départemental de la Roche Jagu

Photo credits: Julien Mota

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